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  • Tie Break concert in Białystok

    Tie Break will perform December 10 at 20:00 in Zmiana Klimatu club in Białystok.

    9 December 2015
  • Tie Break Box – positive reviews and new album release

    The long-awaited release receives very good reviews both from audience and critics.

    17 April 2015
  • Tie Break Box available now

    Perfectly developed release contains 7 CD’s and an illustrated book featuring Rafał Księżyk’s interview with the band. Available at Allegro.

    11 February 2015
  • Anniversary concert – 35 years of Tie Break

    Tie Break played a very special concert before audience packed hall of Częstochowa Philharmonic

    5 January 2015



What is Tie Break? „It’s a spiritual music; very difficult to categorize” says journalist Rafał Księżyk while commenting on Tie Break’s work. “It is built on a structure of mutual adoration and joyful moments seeking” adds saxophonist Mateusz Pospieszalski. Antoni „Ziut” Gralak (trumpet) explains that they’ve intuitively travelled to places previously explored by Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman who were known for being ethnical music followers. Band’s guitarist Janusz “Yanina” Iwański points out the strong influence of jazz – it turned out to be the most mysterious and fascinating way to create sounds. “Sometimes, during the rehearsals, we just talked. After that we took the instruments and the music started flowing. We weren’t composing it or anything like that. It was appearing and fading wavelike.” Bassist Marcin Pospieszalski, Mateusz’s brother, calls it “a purely artistic, noncommercial joy of creation”. Tie Break is usually a four member band. During concerts they’re accompanied by a fifth one – Frank Parker, an American jazz drummer.

Photo: Mirosław Ryszard Makowski

Reaching to the roots, spirituality, improvisation and happiness. These are the things that helped Tie Break – band formed in the early 80’s in a small town called Częstochowa – receive it’s legendary status. They never existed in communist media nor gained respect from jazz purists. Nowadays Tie Break musicians are however considered to be the forerunners of yass. Do not take this information for granted, check it for yourself.


Tie Break Box

Exclusive and limited release, which documents Tie Break’s 35 years on stage. Perfectly developed graphic layout. Complete, remastered re-edition expanded with previously unpublished music recorded in Polish Radio (Polskie Radio) and band members private archives.


Box contains the following albums:


Recorded in 1984, features guest appearances by Stanisław Soyka (lyrics and vocals), Andrzej Urny (guitars) and Andrzej Ryszka (drums).


Published in 1985, features lyrics by Piotr Binkot, Jacek Kleyff and Kamil Sipowicz as well as guest appearances by Andrzej Ryszka (drums) and Andrzej Urny (guitars).

Tie Break Archive

Recorded in 1986 with special guest appearances by Włodzimierz Kiniorski (saxophone), Zbigniew „Uhuru” Brysiak (percussion) and Sarandis Juwanudis (drums).

Tie Break Live

Album features live concert recorded in Częstochowa Philharmonic (1988) with special guest appearances by Zbigniew “Uhuru” Brysiak (percussion) and Andrzej Ryszka (drums).

The spirit blows wherever he pleases (Duch wieje kędy chce)

Published in 1990.

Gin Gi Lob

1991 album with special appearances by Eugen de Ryck (guitars) and Amadeusz Majerczyk (drums).

Tie Break & Jorgos Skolias – Father Jan Twardowski’s poetry

Published in 1994. Features special guest appearances by Amadeusz Majerczyk (drums), Bronisław Duży (trombone), Locko Richer (Hammond organ).

The box also contains an illustrated booklet featuring Rafał Księżyk’s extended interview with the band. All the recordings have been remastered!



„Their unique vision came from free funk, world music, rock and new wave, but they’ve filtered it through their own sensibility grown somewhere near Jasna Góra. They rushed the polish stage in early 80’s and changed it by co-creating the sound of Free Cooperation, Young Power, Voo Voo, Universal Supersession and Stanisław Soyka groups. They’ve also performed under the names Sfora and Woo Boo Doo. It’s all here, reminded to everybody for the first time ever.” Rafał Księżyk

„Time passes differently in the Tie Break world. When punk musicians ruled New York and London clubs they probably didn’t know that far away, under Jasna Góra, their jazz brothers had started their own journey. Artistic freedom, being the epitome of all freedom, helped them survive the most difficult time and change many things in music as well as in ourselves.

Tie Break is much more than a band. It’s a state of mind and spirit. And the spirit, as we all know, blows wherever he pleases. They’re father Twardowski’s quiet wisdom hooked up with pack of unleashed dogs. And, as someone beautifully sad, they’re all a tribe blowing in the same campfire.”  Piotr Metz

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